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Audi Garage

Welcome to RS Autotechnik, your local independent Audi garage, catering to all your motoring needs.

As Audi specialists, we are dedicated to maintaining your car’s top performance. Our Audi expert technicians have years of experience handling all Audi models, from Q5, A1, A4, TT, or others; we’ve got you covered.

At RS Autotechnik, we only use authentic Audi or high-quality parts. Your vehicle always receives the quality it needs to maintain its pristine condition. Plus, all parts and labour come with a 12-month guarantee.

Searching for an independent Audi garage? – Choose RS Autotechnik.

audi garage

Audi Service

At RS Autotechnik, our experts have the experience, skills, and know-how to deliver the exceptional service required to keep your car functioning optimally.

We identify minor issues early on before they become expensive problems, reducing the risk of a breakdown and saving you money.

With RS Autotechnik, you always receive better value than the Audi dealership. And your Audi Warranty remains protected, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is in trustworthy hands.

Choose RS Autotechnik for all your Audi garage needs; contact our team today.

audi garage

Audi MOT

At RS Autotechnik, we realise that MOTs can be stressful. To help, our team takes the burden off your shoulders by entrusting your Audi to an expert.

We assess your car according to DVSA standards, guaranteeing your Audi’s optimal health while enhancing safety for you and others on the road.

Why not combine your annual service with your MOT? – Inquire about it when booking with our team.

audi garage

Need an Audi garage? – Call RS Autotechnik today.

audi garage

Audi Air Con

Air conditioning keeps you comfortable in varying temperatures and helps maintain clear visibility by preventing window misting. If it’s not functioning properly, an Air Con Service might be needed. Schedule your air con inspection today.

audi garage

Audi Tyres

Tyres are crucial for maintaining a secure connection with the road, ensuring your safety. If they’re in poor shape, you may be at risk. Experiencing increased braking distance or worn tyres? Contact RS Autotechnik today.

audi garage

Audi Wheel Alignment

Potholes, speed bumps, and curbs can lead to your Audi’s wheels becoming misaligned. This may result in steering difficulty and uneven tyre wear. If your vehicle pulls to one side or has irregular tyre wear, contact our specialists today.

audi garage

Audi DPF

Your Audi’s Diesel Particulate Filter helps remove harmful chemicals from your vehicle’s emissions. If it’s faulty, you might see black smoke from your exhaust and could fail your MOT. Don’t be caught out. Visit our experts at RS Autotechnik today.

audi garage

Audi Brakes

Poor brakes contribute to twenty-five percent of all road accidents. Don’t become part of this statistic. If your braking distance has increased, don’t delay. Contact our specialist team RS Autotechnik Audi garage today.

audi garage

Audi Suspension

Your suspension provides your vehicle with even contact with the road and a smooth drive. If you can feel every bump in the road, you might need a suspension check. Choose RS Autotechnik for all your Audi suspension work.

Need an Audi garage? – Call RS Autotechnik today.

audi garage

Audi Batteries

A flat battery can ruin anyone’s day. If you’ve noticed dimming headlights or a clicking sound when turning the key, it could be a battery issue. Get in touch with our Audi garage today for a reliable fix.

audi garage

Clutch & Gearbox

Having trouble with gear changes? Hearing whirring or grinding noises while driving? These could indicate clutch and gearbox problems. Let our specialists inspect it; contact our Audi garage for a swift solution.

audi garage

Audi Exhausts

Passing your MOT requires a healthy exhaust. Struggling to accelerate? Burning fuel quickly? It might be an exhaust problem. Reach out to our Audi garage today for a reliable, first-time fix. We’re here to help.

Need an Audi garage? – Call RS Autotechnik today.

Explore our blog to discover how RS Autotechnik helped other Audi drivers.

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my Audi service?

At RS Autotechnik, we keep you updated throughout the process.

After your Audi’s initial evaluation, our specialists will contact you to discuss your options.

Together, we devise a plan of action tailored to you and your car’s needs. You remain in complete control, and we only begin working on your Audi with your approval.

Searching for an Audi garage? Contact our team today and book in.

Need an Audi garage? – Call RS Autotechnik today.

Additional benefits of choosing RS Autotechnik:

Free courtesy car

Take advantage of our free courtesy car while our team works on your Audi. Call our specialists for more information.

Finance payment plans

0% finance is available to help you manage the cost of your repair bill. Contact RS Autotechnik today.

Out of hours

We provide an out-of-hours drop-off and collection service. Call our Audi garage today.

Where can I find you?

Our garage is conveniently located on the A4135 in Dursley, just 30 minutes from Bristol and 20 minutes from Tetbury.

Why endure busy roads going to the main Audi dealership when you can avoid the traffic and get better value with us?

Choose RS Autotechnik as your preferred Audi garage; book today.

What our customers say

  • Mark

    29th April 2024

    A trustworthy team, excellent service and very professional. Originally quoted £2k by a different garage to fix my car’s emissions problem. RS Autotechnik diagnosed the actual issue and had it fixed for a fraction of the price and all within the same day. Highly recommend!

  • Sue Beames

    26th April 2024

    I always go to RS Autotechnik even though it's 15 miles away as they are trustworthy and genuine. Lovely friendly staff; Lauren was so helpful with sorting the hire car and keeping me up to date with my car's service. Definitely recommend, 5*

  • Ieva Parramore

    25th April 2024

    Wonderful and helpful team, using this service for several years and always satisfied! Definitely Recommend !

    Thank you so much

  • sean bryan

    24th April 2024

    From the first phone call, to the regular updates, and the quality of service, excellent…

  • Geoff Stilwell

    28th February 2024

    Booked my VW in for a service after losing faith in the main dealer. The person I spoke to initially was helpful and knowledgeable. They have access to the main dealer system, so they were able to advise exactly what was required. The communication was excellent with booking reminders and updates while my car was with them. The person I dealt with on the day was also helpful and knowledgeable.... Read More

  • bradleystoker

    27th February 2024

    It’s the first time I have used RS Autotechnik and was impressed by the quality of customer service, a seamlessly positive experience.
    I usually use main dealers to look after my vehicle but found RS Autotechnik to be very competitive on price (especially courtesy car) and very much easier to deal with.
    Only five minutes off the A38, well worth the trip from Bristol.


    22nd February 2024

    Got my car there with a broken clutch and had a MOT done. Great friendly staff. Exceptional service and assistance.

  • Marcus Underwood

    22nd February 2024

    Popped in for a diagnostic on my vehicle, friendly knowledgeable staff. Very happy with the service, I would recommend to friends and family.

  • Brett Chandra

    16th January 2024

    Fantastic, friendly professional service, probably better than bmw main dealer services to be honest and they have decent courtesy cars, which main dealers always seem to be short of. Definitely recommended for your older quality German car. Electronic service records updated on car and BMW service cloud. Would be perfect
    If they did Owners club discount.

  • Claire Symonds

    12th January 2024

    Excellent service. Highly recommended this garage

  • Neill Povey

    10th January 2024

    Highly recommended great service from start to finish

  • Pete Lymn

    9th January 2024

    Recently had my first experience with RS Autotechnik and very very impressed and pleased. MoT and service completed with a comprehensive vehicle inspection report emailed to me mid morning with clear photographs of any recommendations and clear, no nonsense explanations to accompany the report. Easy online process to select the work I wanted doing. Payment online was easy and slick too. Very... Read More

  • Paul Denning

    3rd January 2024

    A friendly and professional service I have used for a number of years. Never had any issues. This year for the MOT, I got a progress call to let me know how things are going. Impressed!
    New Year's Eve, rear brakes seized on and wouldn't release. RS had the car in today (3rd Jan) and replaced the parts. If you've never used them, seriously, you should...

  • Lynda Jones

    17th November 2023

    Found this garage by looking for an audi garage. Glad I found them. They found my fault quickly and let me know of another problem that hadn't been done at a local garage.

  • brookfieldgm

    16th November 2023

    Some confusion on arrival
    (apparently i was 4 days early).
    Things only got better afterwards .The communication was excellent, and the pricing very fair .
    I would certainly use this garage again.

  • Stuart Stinchcombe

    13th November 2023

    Lauren is a credit to your company, she is very confident in her knowledge around everything I asked about.

  • Robin Payne

    9th November 2023

    All work is well done, friendly staff, out of hours drop off is useful

  • Marc

    28th October 2023

    I travel over 20 miles to use Rs Autotechnik as I consistently get a great service from them. They are very thorough and professional. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. All work completed across 4 vehicles has been to a very high standard. This is my go to garage.

  • gavin hudson

    17th October 2023

    Highly recommend great service and I will be taking my car back to them again A+

  • mark morton

    17th October 2023

    Super efficient and friendly staff who do a fantastic job

  • Courtenay Humphreys

    16th October 2023

    Great service for a lot less than the stealerships

  • keith Drake (cheggs)

    4th October 2023

    Took my car for a MOT it failed. But they did everything it needed to pass a a very competitive price. The car is now driving Amazing. Can’t fault the people that work there. I will always take my car there for anything it needs. Cheers.

  • Mark Dubtrubs

    23rd August 2023

    2nd time I have used RS and have been excellent and more importanly totally transparent in the work carried out.

  • Dave Hassall

    15th August 2023

    Friendly and efficient service, knowledgable staff

  • Tony Marshall

    4th August 2023

    Very smooth process from booking to collection.

  • Simon Medcalf

    1st August 2023

    Great service. Easy to arrange and easy to deal with. Cheaper and far more efficient than the Mercedes dealership I normally use for the annual car service. I would highly recommend.

  • Paul Craig

    18th July 2023

    Fantastic service to replace some leisure batteries on my van. Not only did they squeeze in removing some panels to confirm the battery sizes, they also managed to squeeze in the fitting of the new batteries the following day around other bookings. Great work, from a great team.

  • Kate Sims

    11th July 2023

    Lots of communication whilst the car was being fixed, always advise on other urgent work that needs to be carried out and helpful when I ask questions about other products.

  • Michel de Sain

    5th July 2023

    During our holiday our old VW camper van broke down. Even though they were very busy, they helped us out! Very friendly people with love for their job and a professional work place. Thanks to Phil and his team we were able to continue out holiday within days!

  • dave webb

    22nd June 2023

    have used RS Autotechnik for servicing and a few issues with my Golf R....Rhys and his team are very friendly and will take the time to discuss and sort any problems you might have.

  • Brian Elwell

    21st June 2023

    1st visit to RS and it won’t be the last. Very pleased with the car service and staff. Called to explain additional work needing doing and email sent explaining work needing doing in near future. All priced so no confusion!
    Very helpful and polite on the phone and in reception.

  • Will Maiden

    16th June 2023

    Excellent service once again from Rhys and the team.

  • Trevor Coles

    16th June 2023

    I was due to go on holiday and had failure of the hand brake system. Despite the fact they were fully booked that week they kindly fitted me in and replaced the necessary parts that day and the system is now safe to use and I can go on holiday very relieved.

  • Fenella Paget

    12th June 2023

    Have used RS Autotechnic for a number of years & each visit the standard of service gets better & better. Friendly & honest, what more can you ask for!

  • Steve Todd

    27th May 2023

    Our coolant unit and water pump died and these amazing guys fixed it double quick and the bill was reasonable. They certainly know the meaning of good customer service. We are recommending them to everyone!

  • Steve Munns

    26th May 2023

    Would definitely recommend these guys!!


    19th May 2023

    Friendly and helpful staff. Excellent service and very helpful. I would definitely recommend them.
    A huge bonus is there being courtesy cars available so you can take your car in and still attend work or appointments Highly recommended.

  • Ian S

    11th May 2023

    Needed new springs and ends of anti roll bar, a new wheel and 2 new tyres probably due to our glorious potholes. They did the work within a couple of days which was excellent so highly recommend them

  • Caroline Edwards

    2nd February 2023

    Excellent garage, very friendly. Completed MOT and fixed a problem quickly and communication was great and easy throughout. Good advice on things that might be worth looking at that we wouldn’t have noticed ourselves, yet not a single bit of pressure, just very helpful.

    Thank you!

  • Ben Keene

    10th January 2023

    I have been using RS Autotechnik for a few years now, and every time I have a great experience. From the clean and tidy workshop, to the knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff, I have always received excellent service.

    Previously, I would only entrust my vehicle to main dealers, and was not looking to change that; but after some small interactions initially, decided to trust them... Read More

  • Sam Elliott

    18th December 2022

    I can highly recommend Rs Auto. Myself, my family and friends have been using them for about 8 years. They are very professional and very experienced regardless of the type of car. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.
    Sam Elliott

  • Sandra Longstreth

    14th December 2022

    First visit to this garage and won't be the last! Excellent customer service, time taken to explain works etc. Polite, knowledgeable staff and a spotless reception. Total professionalism from start to finish. Highly recommend

  • Michael Bye

    14th October 2022

    I have used the services of RS Autotechnik in Cam over several years with a number of different vehicles.
    I’ve never been let down in any way.
    Professional, reliable, willing to advise in an unbiased manner and a pleasant environment to wait.

Need an Audi garage? – Call RS Autotechnik today.