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Car Modifications Dursley

In addition to our traditional garage services, we can also carry out basic car modifications in Dursley. Note, that car mods can affect your motor insurance and, if not carried out professionally, can even be deemed illegal. Our mods look the part while remaining all above board with law enforcement. Bring your motor in for suspension adjustments, exhaust replacement or to have an air induction kit fitted! We can source and mount a range of quality parts that will help make your vehicle the centre of attention. Contact us today for a no-obligation chat to see how we can help.

Car Modifications

Custom Exhaust Fitting

A common request, exhaust modifications are designed to make your car sound louder. We are able to source and fit, as well as install your pre-purchased custom exhausts so that you can achieve this. Please note: many aftermarket exhausts are not legal and could result in a fine if you are stopped; so do your research before you purchase elsewhere.

Read exhaust of modified car
Green modified car

Lowering Spring Fitting

Lowering your suspension is an entirely legal mod. However, it pays to have it done properly and professionally for a number of reasons:

If you don’t carry out the mods properly, your vehicle may be dangerous to handle and at risk of sustaining damage that could be costly to repair. Save time and money in the long run by getting our qualified mechanics on the job instead.

Air Induction Kits

An air induction kit allows your engine to breathe deeper and cleaner. While this doesn’t drastically improve day-to-day performance, many people enjoy and appreciate the enhanced roar of the engine! You are also likely to see benefits at the top end of the RPM, making it a great addition if you often participate in regulated track events and race days.

air induction kit

Competitively Priced Vehicle Mods

We keep our prices low and our standards high, so car mods needn’t break the bank. What’s more, by bringing your car to us for alterations, we can ensure work is done properly. Thus, preventing vehicle damage from poor execution, as well as fines associated with dodgy or unlawful mods. Quotes are free without obligation, so contact us today for more information.

Contact RS Autotechnik

Our mechanics are here to provide advice and recommendations as well as carry out your basic mods at competitive rates. So, if you need assistance with your car modifications in Dursley, contact the team at RS Autotechnik today.
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