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Vehicle Inspections Dursley

We carry out vehicle inspections in Dursley for a range of reasons, including preparing for long journeys and MOT tests. Alternatively, they can simply form a part of routine vehicle maintenance, reducing the chance of more expensive problems developing. If we discover any issues, we will speak to you before carrying out any remedial work. Should you need repairs, we offer competitive prices, as well as manufacturer-approved and warranty-protected parts, for the best value for money. Whether you need a full, top-to-toe assessment or a quick tyre check we can help. Just get in touch to book in, or pay us a visit.

Car Safety Checks

Vehicle Health Checks

We can check various aspects of your vehicle’s health, including:

Engine diagnostics
Tyre tread close up

Tyre Pressure and Tread Checks

We’re happy to check tyre pressure and tread depths and provide affordable tyre changes if needed. A slow puncture or old tyres can cause pressure problems, tripping pressure sensors, reducing road grip and fuel efficiency, and affecting handling. Meanwhile, excessively worn treads are not only dangerous but against the law too. Best to keep on top of things, so pop in and get them checked on a regular basis.

Pre-MOT Vehicle Inspections

Our pre-MOT vehicle inspections can help you identify issues before test day and get them fixed in advance. As a result, you will have an increased chance of passing the first time and avoid the hassle of scheduling time-sensitive retests. We recommend booking your car a couple of weeks in advance so you have plenty of time to sort out any potential issues, either independently or in-house via our experienced mechanics.

Car exhaust checks

Pre-Travel Car Safety Checks

Got a long car journey planned? Pre-travel car safety checks are invaluable for making sure you and your passengers arrive at your destination safely. We can check over all the major safety features in your vehicle to ensure it is road safe and ready to roll. Give us a call well ahead of your journey date so that we can book you an appointment in good time.

Contact RS Autotechnik

Get in touch with the team at RS Autotechnik today to arrange safety checks and general vehicle inspections in Dursley.
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