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Clutch Replacement Dursley

Looking for somewhere to carry out a clutch replacement in Dursley? We can do that for you! Book your vehicle into our local garage and we will set things right. We work on all makes and models, and work is carried out the same day to minimise time off the road. Also, to make things even easier, we have a courtesy car available for use while your motor is with us, so you needn’t alter your plans. We have many happy customers here in Cam, as well as those who visit us from further afield, thanks to our glowing reputation! Whether your pedal is a bit squeaky or you can no longer change gear, we will take care of it for you. So, get in touch to book an appointment.

Clutch Replacement

Signs of a Worn Clutch

Some of the common signs that your clutch is worn include:

Opening a car clutch
Fitting a new clutch disk

What Happens If Your Clutch Fails?

If your clutch fails suddenly and completely, your car won’t move. This type of failure is usually a result of a failed cable or hydraulic cylinder. More commonly, a gradual failure will occur. You will likely experience an onset of some of the symptoms mentioned above, getting progressively worse before it gives up entirely. When these signs present, you should book into our garage as, if your clutch fails while driving, it can endanger you and other road users.

Clutch Repair

Clutch repairs, such as a cable adjustment, are possible where the clutch has become a little worn with use. However, once it begins to fail, replacing a clutch is the only way to ensure it is safe and reliable and avoid the risk of a breakdown. Before replacing a clutch we WILL check that the issue is not being caused by a different component such as the pedal-arm or slave-master cylinder. Otherwise, we can provide competitive quotes for a new clutch and get you booked in.

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