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DPF Cleaning Dursley

We offer DPF cleaning in Dursley, for Diesel vehicles that have become a tad choked up. The vast majority of diesel cars, vans and 4x4s have a DPF (diesel particulate filter) and 99.9% of them will experience some form of congestion during their lifetime. The DPF extracts soot from the exhaust fumes and stores it to reduce emissions, systematically regenerating and burning this off when it becomes full. Resulting in that tell-tale puff of black smoke. If an issue has developed, we can help correct it and get your diesel vehicle running smoothly again. Simply give us a call to book your appointment.

Diesel Particulate Regeneration

What is DPF Regeneration?

DPF regeneration is the process of burning off the soot collected from fumes. Vehicles can perform both passive and active regeneration:

  • Passive regeneration – occurs when driving at speed for longer distances, thus allowing the exhaust temperature to increase and burn the soot deposits off.
  • Active regeneration – occurs when a signal is sent via the ECU triggering a fuel injection to burn off the deposit when it reached a programmed capacity.

However, when this goes wrong problems can occur.

dpf replacement
DPF compartment inside car

Do I Have A Blocked Diesel Particulate Filter?

A reduction in fuel economy, weaker acceleration, poor drive performance, or trouble starting your car, could indicate a blocked diesel particulate filter. Also, in many modern vehicles, a dash light may also indicate a problem. Problems tend to occur if you regularly drive short distances (preventing the regeneration process from completing), consistently drive with low fuel levels, or don’t maintain your vehicle regularly.

Clearing A Blocked DPF

We can help with clearing a blocked DPF by performing forced regeneration and chemical cleanses. This will help to eradicate the carbon build-up and restore the system to working order. If that doesn’t cut the mustard, then a replacement filter may be required. Don’t be tempted to disconnect or bypass your DPF though, as this is illegal!

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