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Car Diagnostics Dursley

We carry out 4×4, van and car diagnostics in Dursley to get to the root cause of troublesome engine and electrical faults. If you have dash warning lights showing, or your vehicle just doesn’t feel ‘quite right’, a diagnostic test can shine a light on the problem and allow us to accurately quote for any repairs if needed. With highly qualified mechanics and industry-leading equipment at our disposal, your test can be carried out quickly. Then, once we know what we are dealing with, we can provide competitively priced solutions to set your vehicle right again. Get in touch to book an engine diagnostic test today.

Engine Diagnostics

What Is Engine Diagnostics and How Does It Work?

As the name indicates, engine diagnostics is a method of ‘diagnosing’ an issue with your motor. This is done by plugging the testing machine into the ECU (engine control unit), an onboard computer that connects to various sensors throughout your vehicle. If any faults are present, they will often present as a code that will lead our mechanics to the problem area. Most makes and models of cars and vans are fitted with ECUs, however, classic cars particularly those pre-1975 may not be. Not to worry, we are qualified and experienced in finding problems the good old fashioned way too!

Mechanic performing vehicle diagnostics

Dash Board Warning Light Advice

Your vehicle is quite intuitive and will often illuminate your dash to alert you to problems. But what do they mean and when should you act?

Green and blue lights – indicate a feature is in use and is not a cause for concern. Such as:

Amber dash lights – Indicate something is awry and, while not immediately dangerous, should be addressed at your earliest convenience. Such as:

Red dash lights – indicate imminent and potentially dangerous problems that need urgent attention. You should stop driving your vehicle to avoid further damage or risk to safety. Such as:

If you have amber and red dashboard lights showing that are causing you concern, give us a call to arrange a diagnostics test and affordable car repairs.

Experienced Local Mechanics

Our experienced local mechanics aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and investigate problems manually. We are fully equipped with ramps, tools and a stock of common parts ready and waiting. All makes and models are welcome, from Audi through to Volvo. So, no matter what wheels you own, know that it will be in safe hands with us. We even offer classic car and motorhome repairs!

Contact RS Autotechnik

To book car diagnostics in Dursley, or have our mechanics investigate a problem you are experiencing, just give us a call today.
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