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Car & Van Fleet Maintenance Dursley

Come to us for fleet maintenance in Dursley where we can keep all your commercial vehicles in tip-top condition. In-house vehicle upkeep can be time consuming, costly and impractical for many businesses. Instead, why not enlist our experienced mechanics to take care of your cars or vans on your behalf? Not only can this save you time and money, but also offer reassurance that a qualified expert has everything in hand. We take care of everything, from checking and changing tyres for safe road grip, to carrying out the annual service and MOT and can work on fleets of all sizes. Maintenance packages can be customised to suit your business needs, so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Fleet Maintenance

Our Fleet Maintenance Services

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Silver car fleet maintenance

Importance Of Maintaining Your Work Vehicles

The cost of fleet upkeep may be off putting. However, a poorly kept fleet can actually end up costing you far more money than investing in maintenance. If your work vans (or cars) develop a fault and can’t be used, this could impact productivity and affect profits. Especially if it needs to come off the road for an extended period. Not to mention, prevention is better than a cure and major repairs are far more expensive than pre-emptive ones. Finally, poorly maintained fleet vehicles pose a safety risk to your staff, your customers and other road users. If an accident should occur due to negligence, this could significantly impact your company. So, why not let us take that concern away and get in touch to discuss our package options?

Urgent Commercial Vehicle Repair

If one of your work vehicles has suddenly broken down or developed a fault, we will endeavour to carry repairs as quickly as possible to get it back on the road. From dealing with a puncture to repairing failed brakes, our experienced team can do it all; and will make it as quick as possible too, for your convenience.

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To arrange fleet maintenance in Dursley contact us today. We look forward to your call.

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