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Suspension Repairs Dursley

If you need suspension repairs in Dursley, book your car with us. Your vehicle’s suspension system helps to reduce vibration and minimise movement for a smooth ride. The collection of shocks, springs and other components work together to control your vehicle and provide a comfortable driving experience. Essentially, this acts as a cushion against potholes and rivets and ensures optimum tyre contact and, as a result, effective braking. Therefore, maintenance can not only prevent further vehicle damage but improve safety too. If you are experiencing problems or would like us to check your vehicle over, get in touch.

Vehicle Suspension

Signs Of Suspension Problems

Some of the signs to look out for, that could indicate problems and require suspension repairs, include:

Red and green cars in parking area
Close up of car suspension

Shock Absorber Replacement

The shock absorber (or dampener) is a hydraulic or pneumatic device, that dissipates the energy generated by bumps and impacts while driving. It is important your shock absorbers are repaired to prevent hazardous handling problems. We provide affordable shock absorber replacement for all makes and models. So, if things are getting a little bumpy, be sure to get in touch to make an appointment.

Coil Spring Replacement

The coil spring, working in conjunction with the shock absorber, reduces impact and assists with handling. Like all suspension components, these should be replaced when they become damaged or fail. Our mechanics can let you know if the coil spring is the cause of your problems and provide a competitive quote to fit a new one.

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