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Wheel Alignment Dursley

Quickly and affordably correct your vehicle’s wheel alignment in Dursley at our local garage. Our mechanics can check and adjust the steering and suspension system to correct wheel positioning on all makes and models. When wheels do not rotate at the correct angle, it can cause handling problems and an uncomfortable drive; as well as excessive wear to tyres and other components. Not to be confused with wheel balancing, alignment focuses on the correct positioning of your wheels rather than weight distribution. Routine checks form part of basic vehicle maintenance and can save you money on future repairs when it is kept on top of. So, don’t delay, arrange alignment or book in for a check today.

Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Signs Of Wheel Misalignment

If you have hit a kerb or a pothole, or even delayed getting suspension repairs, your wheels may be out of alignment. Signs include:

Close up of tyre tread
Red car wheel alignment

Four Wheel Alignment

Our local garage is equipped with all the equipment to carry out a thorough analysis of your car, van or 4×4’s alignment. We will check for positive or negative toe, camber tilt, caster and thrust angles and make a cross camber comparison to make sure everything is in the optimum position. If alignment is required, know that our rates are competitive and work is only carried out after speaking with you. By routinely getting things straightened out, you can save a fortune on tyres over the lifetime of your vehicle!

Wheel Alignment VS Tracking

The terms ‘tracking’ and ‘wheel alignment’ are often used interchangeably though they are in fact different. Tracking, or TWO wheel alignment, only looks at straightening out the front wheels. However, our services address the angles and positioning of all four wheels so that your vehicle drives straight and true.

Red car driving fast down straight road

Book A Wheel Alignment Check

Just give us a call to book a wheel alignment check and we can let you know if any adjustments or repairs are required. We are located in Cam, Dursley, but are easily accessible from surrounding towns and villages. We work on all vehicle makes and models and have a reputation for great rates and excellent service, so why would you go anywhere else?

Contact RS Autotechnik

Get in touch to arrange wheel alignment in Dursley today. We look forward to your call.
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