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Like any vehicle, it’s important to keep your motorhome in tip-top shape. You wouldn’t neglect your car for scheduled maintenance, and this is no different. While it’s not a legal requirement to service your campervan, it is a legal requirement to keep it roadworthy. To discover more about essential campervan maintenance to get it ready for summer, keep reading.

Avoid Neglect & Poor Maintenance Habits

Many people neglect their motorhomes for most of the year, only getting bang for their buck during the summer. This means that during winter, your vehicle is suspectable to mould, dirt and dust accumulating in the interior. Long-term, this can cause adverse health problems if allowed to fester. If you store your vehicle outdoors, then it’ll also be at the mercy of the elements. Leaks, rust and fixture damage are all a consequence of unfavourable weather.

An easy remedy is to inspect your campervan regularly. To prevent mould, open the windows in your van to improve ventilation. This will prevent excessive moisture and condensation forming on the windows, which is a breeding ground for toxic mould. If you notice any dents, deformation or deterioration, then it’s time to book a repair or consult a professional. The sooner you resolve the problem, the sooner your motorhome can be summer-ready.

Ensure Your Campervan Is Roadworthy

Roadworthiness is constituted by a number of factors, all of which directly correlate to the safety of your vehicle. This is particularly true for a motorhome, which spends most of the year in hibernation. Many issues can crop up during this time, meaning you can’t use it when you need it, or have to fork out for last-minute repairs. If you neglect your camper for long periods of time, it’s worth taking it for a test drive to root out potential problems.

That’s where our auto repair experts come in. For a competitive price, we can service and conduct all manner of repairs on campervans, regardless of shape or size. As with all vehicles, it will be subject to an annual MOT test to ensure it’s roadworthy and safe to drive. If you notice any problems with your motorhome, or suspect a repair is needed, get in touch as soon as possible to arrange a quality service.

Basic Campervan Safety Checks

Outside of annual servicing, it’s crucial to ensure your motorhome is in good working order. Faults can develop at any time, so it’s worth keeping an eye on your vehicle, especially when not in use. Simple things, like checking your tyres, brakes and engine will go a long way in saving your hard-earned cash. It’s also important to check your gas appliances to prevent carbon monoxide leaks. If you notice a problem with any of these components, it’s worth getting them checked by an auto repair professional as soon as possible.

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