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MOT Dursley

If your vehicle is due an MOT in Dursley, then bring it to RS Autotechnik. As a recognised MOT testing station, your car never needs to leave our garage, with all checks and work carried out on-site. Our MOT technicians carry out checks specified by the Department of Transport, to ensure your motor is road legal and safe to drive. In addition, we can offer pre-test checks and post-test repair work as needed, all at competitive rates. So, keep your wheels legal and book an MOT with us today.

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Do I Need An MOT Test?

If your vehicle is over 3 years old, it WILL need a valid MOT certificate. Failure to obtain this could invalidate your car insurance and even result in legal action. Tests should be conducted annually before the existing certificate expires. Cars under 3 years old will not yet require an MOT. You can use the government checker to find out if and when your MOT is due.

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What Does An MOT Check?

An MOT will check the functionality and condition of:

You can also head to the Government Test Information page for a full list of car parts checked during an MOT.

Engine warning lights
Pre MOT fuel top up

Preparing For An MOT

We can help you prepare for an MOT by carrying out pre-test checks. You can book your vehicle in and we will take a look at some of the key areas covered and offer affordable repair options for any obvious issues we discover. Another option is to schedule your annual or interim service ahead of MOT day. That way, you can get advanced warning of any issues while maintaining your service history. Two birds, one stone! Either way, if you want to avoid an MOT failure, it can help to read up on what is covered in the test.

Book An MOT Retest

As with all tests, a pass is never guaranteed. However, should your vehicle fail to meet DOT’s standards for road safety, we offer FREE MOT retests when you bring it back to us within 10 working days. Alternatively, you can just ask us to carry out the repairs on your MOT failure list. We’ll get your vehicle up to scratch quickly and, more importantly, affordably!

Local Class 4 MOT Test Centre

As a local, class 4 MOT test centre located in Cam, Dursley, we welcome cars, small vans and small campervans from all surrounding areas. We are within easy reach of Cambridge, Berkeley, Stonehouse, Thornbury, Tetbury and even have customers visit us from Stroud thanks to our reputation for providing a quality, competitively priced service.


No, and this can be a dangerous assumption to make. If you fail your MOT, your car is no longer roadworthy. This means it is illegal to drive without a valid certificate and doing so will cost you a hefty fine. However, you are permitted to drive your vehicle to retest, provided that you can prove you have booked an appointment if you are pulled over.

It depends entirely on your insurance provider. Generally, a vehicle only qualifies for insurance if it is roadworthy — without a valid MOT certificate, your vehicle does not technically meet this criteria, but it depends on the condition of your car. It could still be insured without an MOT, but each circumstance is unique and it is always worth consulting your insurance provider first.

MOTs are affordable and we endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible. It can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle and whether you need follow-up works on your vehicle.

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Need an MOT in Cam, Dursley? Then don’t delay. Contact the team at RS Autotechnik today and get your car booked in.
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